The Family Pack of Questionnaires and Scales


A series of practice tools designed and selected to support the gathering of information and assessments using the Assessment Framework in England and Wales (Department of Health, Cox and Bentovim (2000) The Family Assessment Pack of Questionnaires and Scales. London: TSO.)


  • Screening at an early age for a child’s emotional and behavioural difficulties, and parenting and other problems
  • Assessing the role of, or providing evidence for, ‘best interest’ planning for children
  • The Questionnaires and Scales are invaluable for screening for emotional and behavioural difficulties in children and adolescents, parenting problems, recent life events, mental heath difficulties, alcohol problems and the quality of family life, and for providing evidence for ‘best interest’ planning.
  • an economical and effective way of gathering information in a way that engages both children and parents
  • useful in monitoring of the effectiveness of interventions.


A set of 8 Questionnaires and Scales that can be used flexibly in Assessments:

  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires
  • Parenting Daily Hassles Scale
  • Home Conditions Scale
  • Adult Wellbeing Scale
  • Adolescent Wellbeing Scale
  • Recent Life Events Questionnaires
  • Family Activity Scale
  • Alcohol Scale


  • Economical and effective way of gathering information about key personal, parenting and child related issues
  • Engages parents and family members

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