• ACAMH Interview with Dr Arnon Bentovim ACAMH Interview with Dr Arnon Bentovim

    Dr Arnon Bentovim, Child and Family Psychiatrist, founding director of Child and Family Training and founder of the Child and Family Practice discusses his work with freelance journalist Jo Carlowe.

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  • MAPChiPP Project

    C&FT are working in partnership with MAPChiPP (Multi-disciplinary Assessment and Participation of Children in Child Protection Proceedings), a European project, developing a 'train the trainer' programme for practitioners in child protection.

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  • Hope for Children and Families Programme

    Promoting children’s health and development: building on strengths and overcoming difficulties, using evidence-based assessment and intervention with children and families.

    Child and Family Training (C&FT) is a not-for-profit organisation that:

    • develops evidence-based approaches to assessment, analysis, planning and intervention; and
    • provides customised, skills based training for practitioners and managers working with children and their families
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  • Therapeutic interventions for anxiety, depression, trauma and disruptive behaviour

    Anxiety, mood disturbance, trauma and disruptive behaviour are the most common forms of mental health problems suffered by children and young people. Reports of self-harming behaviour, pain, distress and worrying behaviour are increasing.

    Practitioners in social care, health, education and youth justice frequently have to work with children and young people who present with these symptoms and support families who are often overwhelmed and in despair.

    The Hope for Children and Families approach provides a step by step set of evidence-based modules and guides for practitioners to use with children, young people and their families.

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