Promoting children and young people’s health, development and wellbeing

Intervention guide editors: Arnon Bentovim

This guide helps parents understand their children’s needs and stages of development, meet their safety and physical care needs, and promote their health, development and well-being. The modules support the practitioner to help parents:

  • identify and understand children’s physical and emotional needs by understanding that the brain develops in response to experiences throughout childhood, adolescence and young adult life and that the quality of care is therefore of paramount importance in helping children achieve their potential
  • promote early and late development, such as language, motor skills, vision and fine movements, social behaviour and play
  • ensure safety and prevent harm by establishing safety precautions in the home and community after reviewing harmful events in the past, reviewing current risks of harm and how to address them
  • provide good quality care by identifying obstacles to adequate care, and establishing collaborative goals and how to achieve them
  • provide adequate nutritional care and manage weight faltering and failure to thrive

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Cost for delivering a one day course are:

  • Fees for a group of 12 trainees (including a copy of this guide per person) – £1,080.00 plus trainer's expenses + VAT.
  • Fees for a group of 24 trainees (including a copy of this guide per person) – £2,160.00 plus trainer's expenses + VAT.

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