Attachment Style Interview – Child Care (ASI-CC)


Child care professionals.


The face to face training course is designed to enable professionals to use the Attachment Style Interview (ASI) as part of assessments of children in need/ at risk and their families, assessing strengths and vulnerabilities, attachments, relationships, attitudes to parenting, custody and contact issues.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • conduct and rate a reliable ASI-CC interview
  • participate in and understand the importance of quality control for semi-structured interviews
  • consider and understand the uses of the AFI-CC in the context of child care
  • To have a good understanding of the overall Attachment Style ratings, and develop the skills in administering the ASI interview

For more information on the ASI or information regarding courses for individuals visit the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies, Middlesex University website.

Course details

  • Duration: 4 days
  • £600.00 per person plus trainer's expenses + VAT for groups of up to 10 or 16 trainees 

Contact us to discuss your agency’s or individual training needs, costs and any other questions.


"It was an excellent four-day training that will revolutionise how I undertake some aspects of my adoption Assessments."

"Over the decade we've used it the ASI has provided a much deeper understanding of the applicants close supportive relationships."
Adoption Manager

"We have found that giving the applicant feedback, based on the evidence from the ASI, facilitates post placement discussions about support, assessments are quicker, and support is more likely to be taken up by the adopter."
Adoption Manager

"This was the most enjoyable training I have done in a long time, with the most application uses."

"For our agency doing the ASI at the beginning of the Stage 2 assessment helps to plan the remainder of the assessment, as it reduces the time spent on areas of the assessment, such as family background, current partner relationship, and support network."
Adoption Manager

"The knowledge gained at this course will be helpful to me in ascertaining carers' resilience and ability to seek help. It will enable me to know what kind of support to offer... It will be beneficial when assessing foster carers as permanent foster carers."