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15th European Regional Conference, 1–4 October 2017.

List of presentations:

  • Hearing the voice of the child: how technology-assisted approaches can help – Rachel Calam, Karin Fangstrom, David Glasgow & Anna Sarkardi
  • Enhancing resilience to address the malign impact of toxic stress associated with child maltreatment: the value of a Modular Intervention Tool Kit – Arnon Bentovim & Fay Berry
  • Neglect: ignore at their peril; supporting evidence-based assessments and interventions with children and families – Carla Thomas & Phil Heasman
  • Broadening the horizon: child protection in Europe - Thomas Meysen and Stephen Pizzey
  • Children in transit from abuse – Eileen Vizard, Jenny Gray & Isabelle Gultard
  • Evaluation of the Safeguarding Children Assessment and Analysis Framework, a randomised controlled trial – Geraldine MacDonald & Stephen Pizzey
  • 'Modularity' and the art, craft and science of developing bespoke training, learning and development for children and family practitioners – Phil Heasman & Fay Berry 

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