Promoting positive parenting

Intervention guide editor: Rosemarie Roberts

This intervention guide enables practitioners to support parents reinforce their children’s desired behaviour and shape challenging behaviour using a range of strategies, by helping parents to:

  • understand the causes of difficult behaviour by exploring with them factors which contribute to challenging behaviour
  • use praise and positive attention to increase behaviours which are most desired
  • use attention and ignoring to withdraw attention from mild, inappropriate behaviour, e.g. complaining, whining, reassurance seeking and to respond to desired behaviours
  • give effective instructions to avoid reinforcing a cycle of conflict
  • provide appropriate rewards using different systems to achieve a successful outcome
  • shape challenging behaviour using strategies such as consequences and sanctions, time out, externalising (e.g. ‘Defeating Temper’) and solution-focused approaches

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  • Fees for a group of 24 trainees (including a copy of this guide per person) – £2,160.00 plus trainer's expenses + VAT.

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