The Family Assessment


One of a series of practice tools designed to support the implementation of the Assessment Framework in England and Wales (Bentovim and Bingley Miller 2001; 2012).


  • Assessments with more complex families to plan support and other interventions
  • Assessing change over time
  • Specialist assessments relating to:
    • the reunification of children with families
    • therapeutic work
    • permanency planning
    • court proceedings and other decision-making forums


  • Systematic, evidence-based approach to assessing family life and relationships, including:
    • family dynamics
    • family adaptability
    • parenting
    • how family members communicate, handle feelings, relate to each other and approach crucial issues of identity
    • the impact of family history


  • Provides a model for understanding, describing and assessing family strengths and difficulties and family competencies
  • Adaptable to suit a range of purposes
  • Suitable for use by a wide range of professionals
  • Provides a range of approaches for engaging with and talking to families about their lives together
  • Emphasis on giving all family members a ‘voice’
  • Promotes reflective practice

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